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What We Value Most


Founded in Alberta, Canada, Le Charme HOME was established during the lockdown in early 2022, launched in August  and operated by a female entrepreneur who’s passionate about everything home décor, interior design elements and love having aesthetic pieces in our homes that just fill the room with dreaminess.

Le Charme HOME is a Home + Living brand and started as an inspiration that combines organic modern, transitional and rustic chic aesthetic décor and pride our selves in offering an exceptional range of new and exciting  home décor and other home good offerings.

Our candles are inspired places I've visited, scents that I love, nature and an array of extraordinary wonders that captivates my soul.  Le Charme candles are  hand-poured from the finest materials, and come in a wide variety of scents, colors, and sizes. Because we only use all-natural waxes, they do not give off toxic and heavy soot when burned. We spent months researching and refining our aesthetic handcrafted candles  that will complete the aesthetic and compliment your home.


Our mission is simply to offer unique handmade home decor for every taste and offer other home and living goods to our customers with a unique home decor experience - an experience that helps them feel comfortable, safe, and relaxed in their own space.

Being mindful, waste reduction has always been a priority for us—that's why most of our packaging is biodegradable, and most of our materials are recyclable. We're dedicated to understanding our environmental impact and making sure that we're doing everything we can to be sustainable.

Home Decor
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